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I have learned many things over the years and met many awesome people in the process who have helped me become the person I am today. It seems no matter the direction I chose to go in a given decade, one thing always remains the same, my passion for creativity, appreciation for the arts, and working towards living a healthy sustainable life. Glass by Waxx was born from my passion for art, design, and reusing materials that could have ended up in landfills or are traditionally non-recyclable. I use recycled glass ranging from bottles and old windows to scrap stained glass to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and more!

Simplicity behind the beauty

There are many creative ways to use recycled glass to create beautiful works of art. Nearly every day I learn new ways and techniques to melt, fuse, grind, and polish the glass I recycle into the results you can see today. It's like my birthday each time I pull new work from the kiln as the results are often surprising and unexpected. One of the challenges of working with recycled glass is that you never know what the chemical makeup of the glass is and not all glass is alike. I get about a 75% success rate with the pieces I pull from the kilns due to this variable. When glass chemistry doesn’t match or come close, cracking occurs as some glass cools faster or slower then others.


That all being said, my process is to experiment with layering varieties of large and small pieces of the recycled glass I attain from all over my local area and fire it in kilns designed to heat to 1500 plus degrees. After hours of cooling, I can open the kilns to reveal the results. Sometimes I have a winner right out of the kiln and I can attach jewelry backs to them for wearing right away, other times I'll reshape the pieces on diamond grinding pads then re-fire them for a more finished appearance.

See the action

This video shows my basic flame-forming technique

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